One Nation

Oh say can we see
One nation, united in liberty
No race to diversify
Together fighting for God
Freedom, and peace
A nation under God

We lift up our God,
JESUS who died for all
We honor our soldiers,
Fallen and alive
One nation under God

We will not be silenced
Our God, our nation, our liberty
Under attack by friendly fire
Flags raised, we WILL fight back
One nation under God


Love Eternal

Fire is hot
Love is warm
Every springtime
It storms and storms
Night is dark
But there is always dawn
Our love is forever
It goes on and on!


Where is Your Heart?

Where is your heart? On your sleeve, for everyone to see?

Where is your heart? In your music, blasting and thumping beats?

Where is your heart? In words, and lines and poetry?

Where is your heart? Hidden deep within, where it barely beats?

Where is your heart? May I please see?


Thank you for reading! Please follow, like, or just smile! We all need somebody!

Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World

This is a honest review of a book I purchased.

This is a nice, easy-going devotional type book, focused on how we, as women, get wore out, burnt out, tired, and feel like like giving up.

It’s so easy to get too tired to pray. We often get to the point of being “too busy” to sit down and study. This book is full of encouragement to reassess our time. Look at our priorities. Make Jesus your highest need.

Written by Joanna Weaver, and full of beatiful stories, I can fully recommend this book!

As a preacher, I have used several stories and circumstances from this book in messages I have preached.

If you are looking for a light-hearted book to stir your hunger for God, this is it!


Decodable Smiles

Chronic pain. Let me give you a glimpse.

I have had epilepsy, I broke my back in a car accident, I have arthritis, ect. I have a considerable amount of pain.

At night I dream of torture sometimes, because I am hurting in my sleep.

I may be manageable one day, and the next not want to walk to the bathroom.

Sometimes, I find when I get to moving around, it gets better.

My favorite time of day is when I lie in a HOT BATH! At least an hour a day.

Because of nerve damage, my leg goes numb, my hands go numb. Numb hurts!

I didn’t write this for sympathy. I want to raise awareness, for all the people who suffer in silence.

Most of the time, I have a smile. My husband has learned. A certain look. Fidgiting. Stopping abruptly in the middle of something. He knows.

So if you know someone, who has signs of pain, please be patient. Be compassionate. It’s hard to live sometimes.


What I Look For in a Blog

Just being honest. . . . . .

1. Not too long, but not too short.
     This is not twitter, nor is it FACE

2. Don’t be too personal
     When I read, I don’t want to feel
      Like I am intruding.

3. No Thesaurus
     Don’t try to impress me with big
      Words. If you use them well, they
     Shouldn’t stand out.

4. No typos
    I am guilty I know. But there is a
    Difference in something slipping
   By, and having no clue!

5. Bad language
    I may look over a bad word here or
    There, but if you have something to
    Say, do it with intelligence, not

These are just musings of a writer in the making. I read more than I write, and I write more than I eat. Words are important. Use them wisely.


A Little Night Musing

Lying in bed, reading all of the great blogs from some of my favorites, and I am so stirred. Words, well, they are my high! It makes my heart speed in anticipation when I read that piece that is so poetic, yet practical, it makes you sigh in smiles!

I can’t wait for the day, (maybe someday near, or very very far) that my words may give others that euphoric shine in their soul.  Like blazing down a hill on your bicycle when your ten. Like your first kiss at 12. Like your first dance at 16. Those special blazing smiles that stay with you forever.

So I am lying here, dreaming like a schoolgirl, of someday when I grow up, and what I want to be. Shhhhh. . . A secret? I read and I write. I have a passion for words. What is your passion?



I never dreamed a life like this
Honor roll, scholarships, and potential were my game
I would go places, be someone, have achievements
Never miss a day, do your best, always work hard
I was trained from a child to succeed in life

But now, I sit
I don’t have the job I dreamed of
I have never been to the places abroad
I love my life, but it differs from what I dreamed
I am Mom

I help get snacks and pour sippy cups
I dance in the rain and argue over food
I am tired at night, and still in the morning

I dreamed of so much more
But I got the most
Now I train THEM to aspire to greatness
Now I build their dreams and hold their hands

Now I wonder. . .
The one who birthed dreams in my heart
The one who showed me love and taught me to work hard
What was HER dream?
I may never know.


All the Same

Where is the moon? Mommy I can’t see the moon! The little boy wails as he screams his concern, I can’t find the moon!

It’s there my sweet boy. Just don’t you  forget. No matter where you go, or where you went. It may be hiding, but it’s there all the same.

Trust what you know. Believe what you’ve seen. It’s there every evening, just sometimes, it can’t be seen. But it’s there all the same.

Clouds may hang low, and hide the view. Things blur the focus, and hide the meaning. Stuff gets in the way. But it’s there all the same.

Later in life, it’s not the moon you can’t see. There’s  people, and places, and circumstances, all that catch your eye. Yet just like the moon, sometimes you doubt, because you can’t see what you know. Just remember, it’s there all the same!