Make a Little Girl Happy

I have an 8 year old little girl, and she wants to blog. No keep in mind, she’s 8! But I think we need to build up the next generation. . . 
She asks me every day “Did anyone read it? Do I have an likes?”
Please have a heart, and follow or like or whatever you want. She rarely posts so she won’t be a pain. 
Love my blogging pals, and appreciate your touch!

Princess Reader Blog


Marbles to Pearls

I have been in this house it seems

One day long ago and long before

My childhood ripped from grasping hands

Until I stood on the stead of a new daunting place to explore
I swore with oaths I shall never be old!

Age will take me kicking and screaming

I held to all the familiar hopes and dreams

I tried my best to remain fantastically demure

Alas! Here I stand again

No longer with childlike abandon

Contrary to innocence yet a treasure as pure

I stand in the door a Lady of wisdom 

I know who I am and I know where I’ve been

I can stand secure in the knowlege I gained while marching through time

With mud on my heels and dust in the lace

I boldly proclaim I am a lady of grace

I stand in the door of this house of time

Letting go of something once so rich earlier in life

Trading one jewel for another

Innocence for wisdom

Marbles for pearls!

Liebster Award! Me??

So, thanks to my fellow blogger in crime, I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! What an honor! I owe you one! MiracleGirlBlog I believe I was nominated once before, when I was just a blog baby, and didn’t understand it all. I am very honored to be chosen!

So, 11 things about me. . ..

1. I am grandmother to 3 children, raising them, homeschooling them, and all under 40!

2. I have 2 fur babies, Lamb and Kelly. Lamb is a golden retriever who is 11 years old. Kelly is a Jack Russell who is 8 years old.

3. I have been married 20 years come August to the most hard working, loving, Christian man I ever knew.

4. I started blogging very sporadically last year, and fell in love.

5. I write late at night, when it’s quiet, and seldom can remember what I wrote come morning.

6. I was in a severe car wreck 3 years ago, where I broke my back. I hurt. A lot!

7. I love driving with the music thumping and the windows down. Toby mac, Mandisa, ect

8. I love to read. I’m infatuated with books and words and feelings.

9. I am a severe introvert. I trip out when I must socialize.

10. My hidden passion is Grey’s Annatomy

11. I play piano, guitar, bass, and chess

Next I was given 11 Questions to answer about myself. If you wanted to know who I really am, here’s a good opportunity. All questions were answered honestly 🙂

Questions Answered
1.What is your blog all about? Share with us briefly.

I am raising 3 children, and the other one is proclaiming heself raised. (Shes 25 so i guess i will allow it) I write mainly poetry, short stories, and memories from the past. I have always written in jounals, on notebooks, margins of books, and anywhere else I can squeeze in a few words. I love words, but I must say, you must be very careful with them. They can be dangerous!

2. Which is your all time favorite Read ?
Left Behind Series, no joke! 8 times I have read every book! They are a series of novels written by Tim Lahae and Jerry Jenkins and I fell in love with them.

3. What did you do something recently for the very first time ?
Went to a pool party where I basically knew nobody. It was an end of the year softball party for my 8 year old. I felt like I was back in high school again, invited to a party where I knew nobody. Anxiety was sincerely getting the best of me. It was in the best neighborhood in town, and I just felt very self conscious. It all worked out though. We all had a great time!

4. What Book would you suggest for us to read ? And why? Fervant by Priscilla Shirer. She is an awesome writer! I am currently leading a book club where we are going through this book. By the way, audible is an awesome app if you love books but have trouble reading.

5. Have you ever encountered a fictional character you created, in real ? If, so share with us about that character.
I don’t think so. . .

6. What is your ambition in your Life?
I want people to read my words and be inspired! I would love to make a living as a writer. I could definitely see myself writing novels. Stories come alive in my head. Sometimes my poetry just burns in my mind til I write it down.

7. Do you miss anyone in your life? If Yes, Who and Why ? I miss my mom. She died in 2001 from cancer. DON’T SMOKE!

8. Have you read my ‘Letter In A Bottle And Dropped In The Sea‘ ? What did I say in the Quoted form? Do you believe in the Quote mentioned in the post and Why ?
Never read it sorry. But I’ll try!

9. Do you like my Blog? What you like the most of all categories? It challenge you to be more

10. What is the craziest thing you did in your life and When?
I became pregnant at 14. Small town, close friends, early 90s. Bad choices but good memories!

11. If I transfer Ten Crores to your bank account and ask you to spend in a week, What will you do? I’m not sure what a crore is, but I’m guessing money? I’d pay off my taxes!

Blogs I Recommend
1. Martha Shaw
2. Eyes + Words
3. Nikki
4. MakeItUltra
5. The Lone Author
6. A Great Big Beautiful
7. A Kinder Way

11 Questions for My Nominees
1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
2. Who is your favorite author?
3. What are some things about yourself you would change?
4. What teacher made the biggest impact on you?
5. What is your guilty pleasure?
6. What scares you most?
7. What is the perfect age?
8. Where are you sitting while filling this out?
9. What is your favorite movie?
10. What is one thing you hope to accomplish this summer?
11. What do you hope your blog accomplishes?



Overpower the self that demands control
Overpower the fear that makes you less than whole

Overpower doubt that robs you of passion
Overpower enemies in sheep’s clothing

Overpower the blank spaces that feel your mind and time
Overpower the blindness that removes your mind

Overpower the past that ties you behind
Overpower the unworthiness that plagues your mind

Overpower all entities that remove your joy
Overpower and dance for this day is your story

When Crazy Comes Knocking


When crazy comes knocking do you open the door? Do you invite her in and give her the spice of your life? When crazy comes knocking, as we all know she does, do you hide under the curtains and pretend you are not at home? Do you pretend you have it together all the time, with every corner of your trophy life polished? When crazy comes knocking, do you pretend you don’t know her, and ignore her in front of your friends? Crazy shows up in each of us, some a dash more.

They’re Coming to Take me Away!


Image from Pinterest

Circles of Life

Over and over and on and on
This one and that one runs around and round
Spinning webs of life and joy and love
Generations pass and sons are born and die
Dizzy daydreamers circling the same spinning clocks

When my time comes I want them to say
“Wow! She really lived!”
She made a difference for all to see
My tombstone will be poetic with lace
Tears will not dry for years and years
My circle will be different

But when it all comes to pass
We are all the same
Running in our circles again!



Just feel like reminiscing tonight.

I remember when I was about 8 years old, riding my little BMX down the gravel road with my fishing pole across the handlebars. Early in the morning, just after sunrise, I set out down the road. My bridge was cozy. I knew where to cast, and it gave me something to do.

Well, this one morning in particular, I was fishing about an hr, when I huge, I mean HUGE snapping turtle hit my line. Hard! I couldn’t get him to let go for nothing. So I crawled under the bridge and reeled him in. “Okay” I thought. “Now what do I do??” I had forgotten my pocket knife, so I couldn’t cut the line. And there was no way I was leaving my good pole.

So I pushed my bike home, walking that turtle like a dog on a leash. I lived about a mile and a half away. It was the longest walk I remember. He didn’t want to go to my house, so I was dragging him. He was heavy!

Trying to keep my bike balanced, while dragging this turtle home, seems like it took hours.

I’ll never forget my Uncle, standing outside on the way home. He was about 60-70 years old, no teeth, and always wore a cap. He laughed and laughed at me!

Well, I guess the reason I’m remembering this, is my Uncle passed away this week. He lived just down the road the entire time I was growing up.

I’ll sure miss him. . .


Grateful Happiness


Happy times today of tassels and no
training wheels
Red faces and sweat and screams and laughter
Running behind while reminding I am with you
Hot dogs and fries and fireflies
Love that gleams in giggles and games made up
Happy times with sons and daughters
Gratefulness and gratitude for my sweet life
Happy times today!


How do you become excellent? I am not excellent at anything! It seems I try so hard at everything, and only excel at failing.

How do you stand out from a crowd? Of all the millions of people writing down their epiphanies, what could possibly make mine stand out?

I stand and look at a beatiful sky, a big strawberry moon and twinkling stars, and realize, what stands out to me may not stand out to someone else. Each star shines, whether you notice or not.

So I’ll just keep on writing.