So Much Blue

Red and white and so much blue

Yellow and orange and other colors too

Taught so early to love and obey

Shown as a pup to love my brother each day

Try not to focus on the things I shouldn’t be

My heart and soul written under my sleeve

I hide it  underneath so nobody can see

Clenched teeth as I dive through life

Try not to mess up and do what is right

Sometimes I may stumble and my words my slur

But I’m living with pride as I grow old!


Book Review: Becoming a Woman of Excellence

I am really enjoying one of my newest reading adventures. Becoming a woman of excellence is a study guide on different Bible scriptures. 
I have been writing the verses referenced under each reference, as there is a space provided. You have to write kind of small, but it’s doable.
The book asks a question, then gives references to consider. I have been doing a question per night, and it has helped me tremendously in my devotion time.
This is the anniversary edition, so I assume there was a previous version. I am very likely to look it up when I finish this one. I have been taking it slow, and enjoying myself!
2 thumbs up, 4 stars, Yada Yada yada! Lol

I received this book free for my honest review. 

Steps in my Journey

Sometimes, I’m just. . . . Tired

I can’t face all I have left on my journey

My eyes seem vacant of tears that scream to appear

I refuse to die here in a desperate state of mind

I’m torn in pieces but it will come together like a quilt

I must continue to travel these steps one by one

God, don’t let me lose my song!

No more games and whispers and trails and detours

I’m waiting for change

Change that comes like rain over my soul

I run until I run no longer

My steps refuse to cease

I’m here for a reason

Show me why I exist!