Restless Spirit

A restless feeling deep in the core of my being makes me wonder about the person I have come to be. I remember songs my mother sang when I was small and held, songs of ‘shall I be rich, shall I be poor.’ At times I feel as though I can’t sit still, but have no energy to do anything of worth. 


Homeschool Question

I have a question. Let’s start with some info. I am doing distance learning classes for college, and homeschooling my 3 babies. They see me watching lectures online, taking notes, and listening to my textbooks. They don’t understand why their homeschool can’t be more like mine. With there being 3 of them, ages 8, 5, and 3, I would need something free, or the cost would build quickly. Does anyone know of online free teaching sessions for early elementary? Thanks in advance!


Ever been there?

In my shoes?

Ever felt what makes me breathe?

Ever seen the hurt and tears?

Been in step with my day and time?

Ever wondered who I am?

Why I think and where I land?

How dare you sit and look!

Don’t judge me with condescending eyes!

I am just lucky to be alive!


Constant sharp enveloping pain

It hinders my mind from doing as it ought

Relief is nowhere in sight, so I just keep going

Piercing stabbing radiating pain

Distracting me from the needful tasks

Sleep comes slow and I fall awake often

How can I go on?