Gift Ideas

I am giving some ideas of what we get our kids for Christmas. if your like me, you are forever searching for ideas.
9 year old

Chrome book


Loom to crochet

Magic rocks


Virtual goggles



5 year old

Kitchen play set (BIG)





Paint, chalk, art stuff

3 year old

Drum set (pulse)


Nerf gun

Drum sticks

Piano keyboard


Train set

And of course, they all get fruit, candy, undies, socks, and cheap dollar stuff from dollar tree!
Merry Christmas!


Christmas Memories

Baking cookies with sprinkles and love

Wrapping gifts and presents with bright paper and bows

Warm music fills the air and mingles with laughter and giggles in anticipation

Every day counting down, shaking and listening to weird rattling sounds in boxes

Hoping with all they have that Christmas will not disappoint

Not so subtle clues given for weeks to ensure a heart the bubbles and quakes on that morning

But Christmas must be about the memories

Remember the sounds and smells and sights

Remember the joy of that special hug and cuddle

Kind words and love!

The Eager Villain

The eager villain of pain and suffering

Lingers with his breath heating the back of my neck

Always present, watching, lingering

Waiting for that perfect instance to unleash his Web of torture

Drawing upon my moves and emotions 

His spirit dancing with mine

Until that perfect time to disrupt and spawn 

Pain and suffering one more time


Wintery solace in the midst of the crowd she wandered through the busy streets. craving emotion but requiring distance, her steps echoed with her heart. travelling down the streets and across time, nothing remained but strings and chains. Bells and mistletoe and songs of yesterday ringing in her spirit. Maybe this will be the chance to change!