On My Mind

I woke up with you on my mind

Your being feels my every sense

I feel safe in your presence

You’re the reason I exist
You wipe away my painful thoughts

Filling my heart with true love

Emptiness shattered with one embrace

This is what my true love does!


Life’s Canvass

A picture painted inside of me

For the whole wide world to see

Who I love and stories untold

Before eyes of strangers all unfold
Places I’ve been show up on the page

People I’ve known across the stage

Unwanted perception of who I am

Watching quietly from where they stand
Painted pictures on my soul

Impossible dreams temporarily on hold

Where do I go to erase my mess?

Impossible to silence life’s canvass!


Anxious for untold new roads

And where they take me to

My life will never be the same

Once my journey I begin

No matter the couse I will trudge on

Walking where feet may lead

Seeing sites unfold anew

I am ready, and now I leave

The Key

Every day, I start my day with a good book and a really long hot bath

Soaking and reading til I’m ready to face the day

Letting my heart drift off to far away people and places

Forgetting about who I am and all I have to do

Sometimes escape is the one true key to staying

Growing Up Country

A summer with children

Doors open wide

Daisys and sunflowers

And long starry nights
Holding hands while we whisper

Watching lightning bugs and toads

Captured by wide eyed babies

There’s no place like home
Tucked in snug at night

A drink and a prayer

Mama’s sweet kisses 

Daddy rumpled their hair
A long summer night

Growing up country

Asleep with the windows open wide

No place I’d rather be

Just Another dAy

Just another day to meander through life

Just another day with no end in sight

Doing  all the things that no one else

 will do

Loving and caring for people so very special to you

Just another day without being told

Just another day looking for something to hold

Same old mountain, same old chores

Same old tears I have cried many times before

Just another day