Responsibilities tether me to a reality I long to forget

Those cords that bind me cut and bleed

Thrashing and fighting for freedom from a life that chose me

Screaming for vengeance to a world who no longer hears

Like a beast chained for keeping I am strapped to choices that defined me

Longing to fly to the sun, but only rising the length of the tetheric rope


Blurry Lines

Blurry lines and faded colors

Bending my mind away from truth

Exact is a myth and precise don’t exist

Opinion a dime a dozen

No facts

No blacks

No whites

My day is your night

Why bother?


Scared and gentle. Childlike tender. Slowly moving. Questions tiding. Insecure places.

Where to go? Am I ok? Where are you? Are you sure? How can I?

Looking for detailed instructions to questions ruling my life. How can I know where to go, when nobody has ever been here before? Seeking answers to questions I can’t construct in my deepest soul.


Hello World

Hello world

It’s me again

Sitting in the same old place

Never doing anything worthy

Always a disgrace
Hello world

It’s me again

Tired and almost depressed

How long before you notice me

And get me out of this mess!

Chasing Tomorrow

Tomorrow sprinting just ahead

Never letting me quite catch up

Dazzling me with forbidden dreams

Tomorrow will be better for sure

Tomorrow the sun will be brighter

The sky will be bluer

The smiles will be bigger

The only problem is

I can never catch tomorrow

Tomorrow never comes

On My Mind

I woke up with you on my mind

Your being feels my every sense

I feel safe in your presence

You’re the reason I exist
You wipe away my painful thoughts

Filling my heart with true love

Emptiness shattered with one embrace

This is what my true love does!

Life’s Canvass

A picture painted inside of me

For the whole wide world to see

Who I love and stories untold

Before eyes of strangers all unfold
Places I’ve been show up on the page

People I’ve known across the stage

Unwanted perception of who I am

Watching quietly from where they stand
Painted pictures on my soul

Impossible dreams temporarily on hold

Where do I go to erase my mess?

Impossible to silence life’s canvass!


Anxious for untold new roads

And where they take me to

My life will never be the same

Once my journey I begin

No matter the couse I will trudge on

Walking where feet may lead

Seeing sites unfold anew

I am ready, and now I leave