Steps in my Journey

Sometimes, I’m just. . . . Tired

I can’t face all I have left on my journey

My eyes seem vacant of tears that scream to appear

I refuse to die here in a desperate state of mind

I’m torn in pieces but it will come together like a quilt

I must continue to travel these steps one by one

God, don’t let me lose my song!

No more games and whispers and trails and detours

I’m waiting for change

Change that comes like rain over my soul

I run until I run no longer

My steps refuse to cease

I’m here for a reason

Show me why I exist!



Busy Busy Busy, like a hive of frenzied bees

Looking for the buzzing, for that’s where I must be!

Do I really care if I like that line, or that who or what

Or am I just working to see someone else’s *POP*

Staying in the cluster of the middle of the swarm

Casting off my self and putting on a mask that’s torn

Queen bees do not look at others 

They are confident in just. . Being. . . ME!
written by a queen in disguise