Just Another dAy

Just another day to meander through life

Just another day with no end in sight

Doing  all the things that no one else

 will do

Loving and caring for people so very special to you

Just another day without being told

Just another day looking for something to hold

Same old mountain, same old chores

Same old tears I have cried many times before

Just another day


Restless Spirit

A restless feeling deep in the core of my being makes me wonder about the person I have come to be. I remember songs my mother sang when I was small and held, songs of ‘shall I be rich, shall I be poor.’ At times I feel as though I can’t sit still, but have no energy to do anything of worth. 


Ever been there?

In my shoes?

Ever felt what makes me breathe?

Ever seen the hurt and tears?

Been in step with my day and time?

Ever wondered who I am?

Why I think and where I land?

How dare you sit and look!

Don’t judge me with condescending eyes!

I am just lucky to be alive!


Constant sharp enveloping pain

It hinders my mind from doing as it ought

Relief is nowhere in sight, so I just keep going

Piercing stabbing radiating pain

Distracting me from the needful tasks

Sleep comes slow and I fall awake often

How can I go on?

Bumps on a Road

Inevitable are the winds that blow change among us all. There is no mountain, or valley, that accomplishes a barrier to keep us from moving forward in our journey. So with eyes wide open, observe every bump in the road. For it is the bumps which makes you who you are.

Rainbows and tears

Rain behind sun, that no one ever sees, creating rainbows of beauty and grace

Tears behind smiles, and a brush of my hair, hiding my face from reality

Steps unsettled, and a gaze that is fixed, I steady my course with a song

I must press on and hold my head high, and protect the flame that lies in the sky!

Country Dreams

Belief in goodness and Almighty God

Belief that there is good in one and all

This country is counting on hopes and dreams

Don’t leat me down don’t rip at the seams

Where is the belief that makes your soul sing?

Where is hope that togetherness brings?

I am surrendering my all for its all I have

I am trusting in faith that you have my back

I am not forgotten and neither are you

So let’s all raise our flags of red white and blue!


Decisions and doubts and really dark days

Planning and praying for answers and strength

People walking without wisdom in constant rants and words

Where can we go when everyone hurts?


Shaking and aching and wanting something more

How do I move when my mind will not stop

Where do I go for relief for this urge that cannot be quenched

How do I stop my body from doing what it must

Another day, another hour, another minute

Hold on for there is more to come

I can do this. . . Right?

Hot Rain

Hot rain that floods my soul

Memories that I can’t see

A smell, a noise, a certain place

Erupting from inside of me

Bitter moans that must escape

To hide their source within

Oozing just enough to last a day

Never gushing for full relief