Busy Busy Busy, like a hive of frenzied bees

Looking for the buzzing, for that’s where I must be!

Do I really care if I like that line, or that who or what

Or am I just working to see someone else’s *POP*

Staying in the cluster of the middle of the swarm

Casting off my self and putting on a mask that’s torn

Queen bees do not look at others 

They are confident in just. . Being. . . ME!
written by a queen in disguise


Minions: A Movie Review


So tonight for movie night, we watched Minions! What a trip!

The villain?  Looks just like Flo from! Lol

I love the burst of music every few minutes. It keeps the kiddos enthused.

Slightly irritating that they do not speak english, but I had a kick out of grabbing words from french, spanish, and who knows what else!

It’s a very imaginative flick for sure!

Just a Day

It’s just another day. Right? Why expect some grand gesture? No red carpets needed. I’m just a mother.

Don’t worry about me. My tears are fruitless. My cries are unheard. Just go on with your own life. I’m just a mother.

I got you through colic, chickenpox, and algebra. I cried at your dances, and cheered at your concerts. But don’t worry about me. I’m just a mother.

My heart sank when you were found with child, my soul ached when you moved away, I mourned when I didn’t see you. But it’s ok. I’m just a mother.

You turn 25 today! I’m so excited and bought cake and ice cream. I dusted off videos of you being born, your 2nd birthday, and your babies being born. I just knew you would come. But who am I? I’m just a mother.

I’m going to bed now. My heart is full of sorrow. I didn’t see you, and you live 6 miles away. You didn’t call, and you have my number. I didn’t tell your kids it was your birthday so they wouldn’t cry when you didn’t come. Why?



The Brink

She walked into the living room, hands pulling at strands of self, after an hour of screaming from the 3 year old tot. “One more thing,” she mused with tears threatening, “And insanity will be my partner!”

The laundry is piled, the dishes tittering from the counters, the dogs yelping, and her mind was waving farewell.

Timing. Timing is everything.

Her husband glares from the kitchen. “You forgot to put the lid on the peanut butter!” he growled.

Whirlwinds of chaos tugged at from every cell. Tears no longer threaten. They gush at the lack of compassion from the one who shares her soul.

But the day rolls on^^^^^